Allow me to introduce myself

Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Jonathan. I enjoy being nomadic and life on the go. My occupation keeps me traveling around North America more than a normally sane person should be, but I long for the open ended trips I have taken over the years. I have always been on the go, a job that takes me up north or a venture that keeps me on the road generating sales has been my life. My time is spent mostly traveling around North America with a focus on being lightweight, logistically organized and actually enjoying my travel obligations. Drawing on my personal experiences I have found that a large number of frequent travellers I have encountered don’t seem to actually enjoy the journeys that are taken or the roads that are traveled. Sometimes to enjoy life it really is just making a shift in our own personal point of view and feelings. I have generated this blog as an outlet for some of my experiences, goals, desires and frustrations with the travel industry and the people who travel and also to generate more positive travelers and inspire just a few people. In our current world of frustrations, a few happy people can be just as contagious as the negative ones. I am also going to try and share some of my own travel tips on how I get cheaper flights, fly only with a carry-on, and strive to travel smarter. I feel like there is a gap in the kind of travel bloggers out there and the reality of everyday travellers.

Happy Journeys!

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