Being friendly over the phone is the ultimate travel hack.

About a month ago I was sitting in the lobby of a Best Western in Virginia sipping on coffee and watching CNN. This women was using the desk phone screaming at the customer service person on the other end. She was agitated from the start about her booking for some reason and started her call with an aggressive tone and ended it with an aggressive tone.

Travel hacking requires a lot of phone interaction, its never the things you think would be complicated. My latest card should have given me 25,000 points and I have reached the spending requirements months ago but checking online no points have been loaded. I have had issues with this company before, so I was not really surprised. After a number of calls I said in a kind voice could we just make this better somehow and move on please; minutes later the other card I had with them 50,000 points appeared and the call was ended.

The people on the other end are doing this day in and day out and sometimes know how to hack the system better than anyone else. You are shooting yourself in the foot when you act aggressively to these people.

Sometimes a hack is just being a nice person to get more out of things. I can’t tell you how many people just don’t get this.


This week I will be back in toronto! The image above is of the corpse flower in the edmonton conservatory a week before it bloomed. It’s called the corpse flower because when it blooms it smells like death, needless to say people don’t seem to plant it because of its aggressive smell so there is not a lot of them in the world

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