Just slow down and focus on you for a minute.


One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.’ ~Henry Miller


Traveling for a living is easier than you think, or so says bloggers and self-helpers everywhere, but I ask what does traveling for a living actually mean?

My own personal travel this month has been busy, I have been to Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Rochester NY, Montreal and Edmonton. I admit other than Denver and Minneapolis it did not accomplish what I was hoping to for my own personal goals; I was too focused on my tasks then the actual location.

When we travel around trying to just get to a place and back we skip out on the experiences we could be soaking up around us.

I think honestly being upfront as a travel writer about not being perfect and still trying to figure out what is the best way to get the most out of your adventures and this month I learned something groundbreaking and substantial about getting what we all need out of life.  We all expect way too much from each other and our own selves. This puts us in a place from where years ago we would have been content with the progress we have accomplished and been left with an energizing satisfying feeling of going forward.

10 years ago I would have been happy with the satisfying feeling of just visiting the places I have been and generating positive cash flow.

The fast paced flow of trying to accomplish too much all at once can leave you not accomplishing what you want to at all and leaving ones self not being present for the accomplishments creating a false sense of unaccomplished tasks.

This creates a disaster where your focus on you personal goals is so far from what you need to really be accomplishing is drowned out by what your clients and work or other aspects of life need you to accomplish then your just shooting yourself in the foot really. The problem is when you take on other people’s goals you really need to check-in on yourself to what its worth to you for getting all of this accomplished.

The negative effects of not focusing on your own goals are in the long run not accomplishing your own hearts goals and desires shortchanging you on the one thing you have no control over. How quickly your life will pass you by, you only control what you do with the time.

You can use this to just about any other day job really, how much does your day to day life distract you from your own dreams and aspirations?

In Denver I took the opportunity to relax for a few hours and absorb the city just a little bit, Denver has been a place I have wanted to spend more time in for years and I felt like I was more connected after just a few hours away from work based problems.

being present in the moment wherever you are is important but take a you break! Check-in deep down and ask yourself how are things?


the picture is of my personal break in Denver.  I am now in West Virginia and today I plan a hike I have been wanting to do for years now.


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