Life moves fast! So this past week was quite honestly a really difficult one. But Timing on things seem to be tighter and tighter as I get older. Things take longer or time goes by quicker. Problems with customs slow things down and customers who can’t plan anything out can ruin the best laid plans. I really wanted to make it out to TIFF this year and now its probably going on the back burner. I have never spent so much time wishing I could plan the timing of my own personal logistics better. TARDIS anyone? I wish so much so that I could have spent some time in Toronto 2 weeks ago with my best friends. Sadly life sent me to the other direction. I need to spend more time with my significant other but it seems like it just does not happen or that it’s never enough. Was on the phone the other night trying to plan some time out in Minneapolis before the 15th as I have an obligation there on that date. A nice conversation turns to a not so pleasant one quickly and I must be out there sooner. Ugh But also to get everything else done before that date is seeming impossible to do. I stress out a bit too much.. OK way too much this week! Then something awesome happened.. A mistake happened and I got to spend a full day unexpected in beautiful St Augustine Florida. I walked the beach and drank great beer at this really cool place called the FA cafe about 500 feet from the beach! I met the coolest surfer like people ever and had such a great relaxing time chatting with people who live life at the beach! I want to grow old drinking in a place like this! The smell of the ocean. The cheaper beer. The friendly people. After for just a few hours I forgot all about my time deadlines and how quickly everything has happened and just enjoyed time there! I have travelled Florida but I have never found a place I never want to leave. St Augustine is a place that you never want to leave. I can’t daydream about Miami, Jacksonville or Orlando after this place. I share this secret place with you all. I had to cancel out on a trip to Edmonton and deal with some serious unpleasant voices on the phone today to spend time with my special someone. It’s going to affect my plans in ways I don’t even know yet but people are important. As I Head home now I feel like I need to make the most of the short days in there! There is never enough time! I honest to god feel like July 1st was only a few weeks ago. I love how I get to travel so much, but Its not like I get the opportunity to bring everyone with me on every trip and sometimes I have to make people more important. People who know me say I am the the kind of person who can strike up a conversation with almost anyone I meet, I sometimes disagree with their assessment of me but the truth is that that is something I enjoy! I admit that I hardly ever feel alone on my trips these days when I get to meet new people. But my friends are scattered all over the world these days, some of them people I have met at the hotel bar and it is hard to take the time to reconnect with family, lovers and friends! ##### The picture is of the FA cafe, a wonderful relaxing place to just be! My smaller camera has been damaged by a drop so this is not my best photo but its what I had! .

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