Amelia finally found

I have followed this story for so many years as TIGHAR had searched and searched. Reading  Ric Gillespie’s book Finding Amelia….Watching as the evidence built up…

Its heartbreaking thinking of all the radio transmissions that had been received and documented.

We now know almost conclusively that the bones found in 1940 by the British are Amelia’s. She died a castaway on an island that should have been searched and was only flown over once.

The Navy fliers saw no airplane but did see “signs of recent habitation.” They thought that all the islands in the area were inhabited so they moved on. In fact, no one had lived on Gardner since 1892.

We know that a broken antenna on Amelia’s plane and failure to communicate issues before hand by USCGC Itasca contributed to the flights demise along with sexism and lack of faith in her abroad the Itasca. We know that Amelia herself was not as qualified with radio transmission as she should have been and this is ultimately a factor. The USCGC Itasca not communicating frequency issues and direction finding equipment that was out of service would have scraped the flight.

Also, the searchers themselves constantly made humor of the media circus that surrounded them. Like the search was for the benefit of the “newsman only”.

We know the chances of the bones found on Nikumaroro not being Amelia’s is statistically not probable.


This is a big day, its almost certain now what happened to Amelia, The radio broadcasts from her are real and this story has no happy ending.

Search report -…/Arch…/Documents/Lambrecht’s_Report.html

What went wrong –

Findings of bone data-

The Search –…/Earh…/Archives/Forum/FAQs/searchers.htm


##The picture is Amelia Earhart standing in front of the Lockheed Electra in which she disappeared in July 1937 and is public domain via NASA.

If you can, please donate to TIGHAR, There work is amazing.



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