The trip out of blue and learning to be accepting of the journey.


I love to travel. But….

I get up at the crack of early morning before even a hint of daylight catching a 5:30 Westjet out to Edmonton. It was not the trip I had planned this week and it left me in a crunch to get back as not to disrupt other plans. The whole mess starts with an email that gets followed up with a phone call late afternoon and the dread sets in that I will need to get my plane ticket right away. Booking almost any last minute flight in Canada and the word cost effective goes out the window. So I booked my overpriced round-trip Westjet flight and got on that early morning flight.

Here I was about to become the traveler I dislike! The flyer that just does not want to hop on that aircraft and the destination that explodes no excitement or suspense. I was as I started this trip the traveler I don’t ever want to become. Grumpy and Unhappy. The mindset of the traveler is everything!

Had I been going to close a deal or off to accomplish something that was exciting I would have been pumped and ready to go.

Unable to sleep on the trip back, I ponder how much time has been wasted due to the issues with my client and how I could avoid trips like this in the future.

As I arrive back home and I wait for the aircraft doors to open, It seems like it was longer than the flight itself. I am not the kind of person who needs to get home, but today felt like it was a waste of time itself. There are lots of days that I don’t accomplish anything, but spending money on a day like today sucks, and honestly anyone who knows me knows I don’t like spending / wasting money.

Finally, I think I understand the reasoning behind the feelings most business travelers have.

Most of us don’t take the time to enjoy the journey we are on everyday. Some people are dead set on carrying on as normal never challenging themselves to take a second thought, lugging 3 bags for a 2 day trip and checking luggage every trip frustrated with damaged, lost or late luggage. Allowing airline personnel or a TSA officer to shape their own attitude for the remainder of their journey.

Most of the things that can happen every trip we really have no control over or when we do we blame others.

My secret most important skill set of a good business traveler is to shrug off the simple stuff and always find something to look forward to and enjoy on your trips. Something I failed to do in Edmonton, really quite easily corrected with a cab ride to the amazing Muttart Conservatory and a cup of coffee from the Elm cafe Downtown.
So many of us are eager to complain about our trip and how it has drained us, how often do we actually sit and enjoy the journey. A simple mindset change could allow you to actually be recharged with the journey and not worn out.
Lets all propagate more blissful feelings than negatives ones on our journeys ahead.

###The picture was taken on a really warm day at a folk music festival this year in Winnipeg, at the entrance gate there was a guy holding a sign “free hugs”. These ingenious girls just shrugged off the sweaty hug wielding man and felt everyone needed free shrugs! Sometimes in life bad moments happen that just need to be shrugged off to open up yourself to enjoy the time that is now.

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